Top five telegram groups to join in Uganda.

  1. TechJaja. Founded in 2013, it was not until recently that this technology news media decided to launch a telegram group. In fact, they took telegram too serious that even when they were bought off by RedMint Inc, telegram hit high up on their unique selling points. Their telegram is constantly updated with the latest in tech. Join here
  2. Open Confessions. This might be a silent force in making. It was started by a very anonymous lady calling herself Jeanette. As early as 2020, she started on a journey to tell the horrors of life as a maid in Dubai and later she took her followers through the escort business(prostitution). As her stories flowed with realism and humour, more of her followers started to confess of their horrors too. By writing this, this telegram group had groown to 1,500 subscribers and still growing strong. Join and learn the story behind stories. Join here
  3. Escorts Uganda: This this particular group opens up to the madness and reality of Ugandan girls. It lists all the escort , call girls and major hookups that you will ever find nowhere else. The admin is anonymous but their ability to list real genuine, beautiful girls looking to be paid for a nights romping will leave you wondering if you stay in the same Uganda like everyone else. They also sell sex toys in Uganda. Join or check it out here.
  4. The New Uganda. We saw this being marketed by a facebook account credited to Olara Otunnu, former presidential candidate in Uganda. Unfortunately, it only has a few members but the goal seems great. They claim to be advocates for a Uganda that works for everyone. Join here
  5. Binance Uganda: It’s never hard to imagine that this country is indeed a rare one. With the cryptocurrency revolution taking shape, its no wonder that one of the leading exchangers also runs an official telegram group for Ugandan cryptocurrency traders and hodlers. This group has a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who discus day and night about profit, losses, FUD, FOMO and everything crypto. If interested in this rare trade, then join here




Confessions of a former housemaid in Dubai

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Jeanette Niwabine

Jeanette Niwabine

Confessions of a former housemaid in Dubai

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