As Told to Jeanette

Jeanette Niwabine
3 min readMar 8, 2021




The week that followed I went back to work but this contemplating resignation. I was really scared for my life. I had leave that place. Mr.X had returned to Uganda and the first thing he wanted was a meeting with me.

I went for the meeting while scared to my soul. I didn't know what it was going to be about or anything. I went and met him at the place that he had suggested. On getting there, I found him already set and waiting for me. He never had the smile that he always carried.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I held my breath and sat. he greeted me with his deep voice with a touch of coldness. I got even more scared to my bones. He told me that he wanted an heir from me. He said that was the only thing that he wanted to talk about.

My God! Who would dare sleep with that kind of man again? Not me. I thought to myself. I was afraid of this man yet there he was asking for a child. I couldn’t trust him no more. I literally didn’t have anything to do with him. So I blatantly told him that I was actually having plans of resigning.

I told him that I was going off work. At the mention of this, he stood up at once and banged the table while he said no. All the people that were nearby looked at us. That bang shocked me so much that I started trembling. I was super scared but I collected my self and told him that I was leaving and it didn't matter if he granted it or no.

I told him that he could do other interviews and get other girls to give him the heir that he wanted and I swiftly walked away. Well, well, well, I had put on an act of bravery but I didn't know that kaali katandika butandisi.

It was just the beginning of a real hustle. I went back home feeling a bit victorious. I had managed to get out if his life but I was also a bit scared because I had to start again. But at least I knew I would be free from manipulations and maybe being offered as a sacrifice.

It was three days since I had last talked to him and I had spent all that time at home when I suddenly heard a terrible bang in my door. I was scared and didn’t want to open up but I still went and opened up/ The last thing I remember that day was the man that was wearing a mask (akakokolo)

I remember waking up to sounds of birds in the morning as Iaid in a room that had very dim lights. My hands were tied up as well as my legs. When I regained my sight every well, I noticed that there was a very large black snake lying dead on the same floor where I was. For a moment I thought it was just a huge piece of folded cloth kumbe. It was a snake.

I screamed at the top of my voice for help but no one came to my rescue. I was scared. I wasn’t even sure whether the snake was dead or alive. I just didn't see it moving the entire time even as I screamed. I knew I was going to die from in there.

Continued to part 11.

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