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The 9 months got to an end and I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. But before I gave birth, he organized for me a surprise baby shower and we had lots of fun with some of my friends and his.

Things seemed to have turned out well for me. I had lost all my fears for him and I was now more than ever determined to sit down and raise our kid.

He was so excited when I gave birth to our son and he bought for me a house in Bukoto for me and the baby. He said that since the baby was going to be his heir, he didn’t want him to grow up in a bad situation. He said he wanted to give him all. He said that he had to grow up like a rich kid without suffering.

Banange life was good until the kid when we approached his one-year birthday that out of the blue this man started questioning this kid. He said that he wanted to take him for a DNA because he wanted to be sure that the child was his. I tried arguing with him and told him that I was very sure the kid was his and that there was no need for the DNA.

I never wanted the DNA because I had honestly cheated on him one of those days when we was getting back together. It was during those days of his inconsistence that I met up with my ex-boyfriend who was some good smart wire that we made out and I wasn’t sure if the results would turn out the other way round.

Bambi don’t judge me because I swear during those days, I was so desperate and tired of his ridiculous behaviors. So I decided to go out and find some peace and comfort. I slept around and there was a probability that the child would be for my ex.

I couldn’t stop imagining how bad his anger would be unleashed upon me on finding out that the child wasn’t his after having done a lot of things for him.

I couldn’t bare the embarrassment and the mere fact that I would definitely l0ook cheap for having slept around with a broke guy during the same time when I had a tycoon.

So I decided to take all my time to convince him to forget about the DNA and never to think about it but he wasn;’t willing to listen to anything. Little did I know that the more I tried convincing him , the more his own suspicions grew so loud and tall. He became so insecure and I knew that was going to be the end of me.

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