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Jeanette Niwabine
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But on this one day, I woke up to the sounds of a hooting car outside out gate and when I peeped outside I saw a car that belonged to Mr. X. He had left so early that day, I thought he had gone for one of those early meetings of his that he always attended.

I never expected him to return home that soon but he did. Well, I never thought that it was a big deal. I knew he would come back to his home anytime he wanted after all he loved with us anytime he wished.

This time round though, he wasn’t;’t just returning home. He returned home with intentions. He came back having his own plans that I never thought of.

When he got into the house, he headed straight to the bedroom where I was and told me to pack all my bags and get out of his house. Yiiyi? I wondered about what I had done so I asked him what was wrong with him and he said that I never had to question him and his decisions.

I sat and stared at him as he got all mad angry from second to second. He said that he had deposited some money on my account which I would use for my wellbeing and figure out life on my own as he was talking the child away from me and that I was not going to get anywhere close to him or ever be with him again.

I told him that it didn’t have to be that way, I told him that we could work things out and I remain in the life of our son but he wasn’t listening.

He proceeded to the baby’s room and lifted him and took him to the car. I tried to follow him to stop him from doing that but he never listened and just continued and warned me to stop following him.

I started crying as he continued to tell me to get all my things out of his house which house he had given out to me and the kid but since he was taking our kid away meant that the house no longer belonged to me and I could not reside in it in any way.

I knew that was the end of me. I had imagined all my life in that house as a home where I would be with my kid as he grew up.

I was helpless and couldn’t fight back because this man was a dangerous one and he was capable of doing a lot of dangerous things to me in case I tried to go against his plans. So I was there and I looked on as he took the kid.

I kept on thinking to myself that what if he was going to sacrifice him? But then I needed to find him. I wanted to know where he had taken him so I set out on a hunt for my son.

Continued to Part 16.

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