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Jeanette Niwabine
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That night, I went and got all my stuff from the hotel room and decided to go and lodge somewhere else for our security. I couldn’t afford to lose a life.

I went and lodged that side of Nansana, I was looking for a place where no one would think that I could go or be. We spent there the night as I continued to think about what I was going to do when the sun was up.

I wanted to completely disappear from the face if this earth such hat I can never be found or followed by that man. I wanted my child to disappear to so I decided to take the child to his father since I had no much of an option.

I couldn’t take the child to the village since no one was that responsible and trustworthy to be left with a child as young as my baby was but at least I knew the father wouldn’t be so bad for an option after all it was his son.

So when morning came I called him and asked him to give me his location and he did but by this time I had even changed my simcard for fear of being tracked down by Mr.X.

So we went there and met with the father of my son and I explained to him everything that had happened as well as my intentions to disappear and he was convinced although he was suggesting that I stay with him such that we grow our kid together but that was something I could decide at that moment so I turned it down.

I knew I wanted to be a part of the life of my son, I knew I wanted him to grow up in a proper way with a proper family but the circumstance of our situation wouldn’t let me. It was hurting to see that I was leaving my son behind and looking forward to a life without him of which I didn’t know the amount of time it was going to take without us meeting again.

I remember leaving them and I promised to always check on them every time I got the chance to. So my fate was to leave the country. I left the country and since I didn’t have so much money, I decided to go a find a job in the Arab emirates. Nenfuka kadama.

I spent there to years and then returned to Uganda and found my kid doing great and that is where my life started with him. Even though we are still leaving in hibernation, at least I’m glad that I got united with my son.

But my stay in kyeyo was so helpful to me, I got heal most of the trauma and better my mental health

I still think Mr. X wouldn’t miss a chance to harm us if he got to know where we are that’s why I can’t afford to come out into the public but I see he is still a big person in this country meaning he is still powerful. I’m just not sure if he moved on.

The End.

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