As Told to Jeanette

Jeanette Niwabine
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I was left in that dark room for hours and hours. My determination to get out of it started to cease, I felt like I was never going to `get out of there. I was scared for my life. I always knew I would die but I never thought that it would come that way. I was so afraid of dying from there. I started thinking about not having a decent burial, I regretted having got involved with this Mr. X.

It was then clear to me that he was a really dangerous person. One not to mess with and one not to trust. How could he do such a thing to me?

I was so hungry, tied up and hopeless. Laid down on the floor and blacked out. I had cried myself to an extent of fainting, the hug black snake next to me shocked me coldly to my bones. I had lost all my energy and owing to the fact that I had not eaten in a long time, I really couldn’t stay awake.

I was woken up by a vigorous splash of very cold water. I got up in a different place, surrounded by people that I didn’t recognize. There were three men with very heavy and large built up bodies. They were dark and tall. They were what I’d call the real definition of masculine. They scared the life out of me.

As I was still getting familiar with my surrounding, I was shocked by the turning up of Mr.X He showed up with his face cold as death. This time there was no love in his eyes, they were all filled with terror. He moved toward me in a strange way that felt like horror.

I was still tied up which meant that I couldn’t freely move of run for my dear life. I watched as death approached me. I started crying and pleading that he could have some mercy on me naye nga waaa.

He kept on moving and saying words like, you think u could run away from me ? just like that? Without giving me an heir as the deal was? You thought it was going to be easy?

Like the time before, I was no match for him in terms of physical strength. My only chance for fighting back was if I could hurt him by scratching his eyes or using some sort of weapon. But that had already gone to hell.

The terrifying clarity hit me when he ripped my shirt off and I felt him tear my skirt as well, he opened my legs forcefully on the floor as all the men looked on. I screamed on top of my voice but that didn’t change a thing. He was mad determined. He wasn’t stopping.

After raping me, He started beating me up, he fit my face so hard that I got bruised and started bleeding. He kicked me in the stomach like his life depended on it. He did it over and over again that one of his men got terrified and called him out to stop. He told him it was enough.

I still thank God for that man, he saved my life because after he had talked to him, he stopped right away as he was panting like a hunter dog. He left me on the floor and went outside. I was all in blood and pain.

I couldn’t walk or move but these guys still had the boldness of leaving me behind in that room hopelessly with no one to help, I was bleeding to death. That memory still haunts my head………

Continued to episode 12

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