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Jeanette Niwabine
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After like one hour when they had left, one of the 3 big men came back, the one who had called him out came back and carried me off the floor and took me to hospital. I still think of him as a good person even though he was among my kidnappers. He might have been securing the bag just.

He took me to a hospital around bukoto where I received medication. But the pain was still too much, every part of my body was hurting. I slept off on the hospital bed and when I woke up, I was with Mr. x besides my bed.

He was the last thing I wanted to see but there he was right next to me. How could he even be so bold that he could actually come to me even after hurting me that bad? I wanted him out of my sight as soon as he could disappear. I had nothing to do with him. I hated him passionately.

I chased him out but he refused and stayed, he held flowers that he handed to me, they had a note stating that he was sorry. He looked at me with his most vulnerable look, he spent a lot of time trying to explain to me why he acted that way.

He said he didn’t mean it. He said he liked me and I felt all my anger disappear. I looked at him and he was the guy I loved. He was the man I had feelings for despite it all. But I still feared him…

I spent 4 days in the hospital and trust me Mr.X showed up in the hospital each and every single day.

He paid the medical bills and I still believe he is the one who had told the other guy to take me to the hospital. The man cared so much as if he wasn’t the one who had fucked me up like that.

But the weirdest part that I also know I was stupid was the fact that I fell for all his games. I took him back in and life resumed normally even when I knew deep down that he wasn’t the guy I had to mess with again, I still loved him back when he made the effort.

Banange people can change. Ever since we got back with Mr.X, he would not be mean or rude to me. He would buy me gifts and everyday was blissful for me and him. It was even during one of those days when we had gone out for dinner as we had always done that he surprised me with a posh car.

Banaye, I had never imagined that from him and the fact that I was still young, it was a very big deal for me to have a car when almost all of my peers didn’t have. I was living their dreams. I started driving my car and I felt like I was really on top of the world. He gave me that car as he confessed his love and appreciation for me.

He mentioned that he had never felt the way he was feeling for anybody else and banaye these words would make me weak. I liked him even the more. I reached a moment where I had forgot all about his previous actions and all the rumors that were all over about him and being a ritualist. I just liked him and that was all for me.

It was even during those times that we made love and I actually got pregnant for him again. This time round I was just being hopeful that stuff goes well because as the previous time he was happy indeed by the mere fact that I had his child but still something happened.

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